Body Analysis Technology

The body analyzer is a must in patient screening and monitoring. Scientifically validated, FDA registered, this medical device performs a range of tests covered by insurance. Fast and non-invasive, the analyzer performs in 7 minutes multiple assessments:

1. Full Autonomic nervous system evaluation:

helps physician to understand one of the main regulatory mechanisms of the body; including Valsalva maneuver and orthostatic test. Autonomic nervous system dysfunction is an early sign of cardiovascular disease and diabetes and plays a role in other diseases.

2. Arterial stiffness assessment:

helps to understand Endothelial function and early signs of cardiovascular diseases

3. Sudomotor function assessment:

quick, easy to use, sweat response stimulation assists physician in the understanding of microcirculation disorders and early sign of neuropathy.

4. Blood pressure & hemodynamic indicators also provided.

Interpretation is made easy using statistical software, charts and graphs. Patient compliance is enhanced with 3D virtual modeling of the risk factors detected.
Following the clinical investigation in Miami University, the system has proven to be “useful to help detect metabolic syndrome and its complication such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease -and non invasively and rapidly manage treatment follow up.”
Based on the ICD-9, the scanner covers diabetes, hypertension, neuropathy, anxiety, and many more medical applications.

How it works:

Patient sits and places feet and hands on metal plates. Disposable electrodes are attached to the forehead. Blood pressure handcuff is part of the examination and Pulse oximeter is placed on the index finger. Measurement of over 30 physiological parameters during the 7-minute recording as well as valsalva and change in standing position are required. All results are immediately displayed in a single screen, separate software guides the physician in his interpretation.
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Doctors Only:
For a Short Time, a few Doctors can get a $40,000 Medical Test Device installed in Their Offices with NO UPFRONT COST.

It delivers a 3D Graphic Report on the state of major body organs.

It's FDA Approved, billable to Insurance & Medicare for multiple conditions,

including some Type II Diabetes, Tachycardia, some Hypertension, Neuropathies, Dystrophies, and some other Diagnoses.
If you get in early enough to participate in the Trial Program, you will have the Test Machine in your Office to use at your direction.
It is hoped that you will have about 2 tests per day to qualify, and you will be billed after 45 days for actual usage, which gives you time for insurance billing.
You are under no obligation or contract, and can opt out at any time, if for any reason you didn't like the test machine.

Non-invasive Medical Device:
Zero out of pocket expense
No long-term contract - can stop anytime
No obligation
Unlimited free technical training and dedicated support
All assessments are insurance reimbursable
Scanner covers diabetes, hypertension, neuropathy,
anxiety, & many other medical applications

Covered Diagnoses:
Diabetes Type II with neurological manifestations 260.60,260.63
Amyloidosis unspecified 277.30-277.39
Degeneration of Basal Ganglia 333.0
Idiopathic Peripheral Autonomic neuropathy 337.00, 337.09
Idiopathic progressive Poly Neuropathy 356.4,356.8,356.9
Reflex sympathetic dystrophy337.20-337.29
Orthostatic hpertension 458.0
Syncope and collapse 780.2
Hyperhidrosis 780.0
Tachycardia 785.0

Body Analyzer Computer Analysis

3D Printouts of Organ Status

Scientifically Proven,
FDA Approved,
Billable to Insurance and Medicare,
Easy to Use - Non-Invasive,
No Out-of-Pocket
No Obligation

Description for Clients

3-D images of your body organs and systems and fast, precise, scientific measurements of your health and risk factors will give you a better understanding of your health than you’ve ever had before. It is a scientifically validated, total body health scanning device allowing your practitioner to quickly and non-invasively assess the health status of all major organs of your body.
As color-coded models of your body organs are provided,, you can:
Understand your health issues and symptoms in easy to view graphs and images. You can see for yourself just what areas and organs of your body are in need of attention. Visualize the effect of the treatment or changes to your lifestyle (nutrition, exercise, stress management etc.